GreenSock on HTML5 Banner Solutions

The guys at Greensock have done great things these past few months helping people with a million and one questions about transitioning over from Flash to HTML5 banner creation. And with shift happening at a lot faster pace after Google’s announcement with Chrome pausing “less important” Flash content, they’ve put together a great post on whats different, what to expect, things to think about regarding HTML5 Banner Solutions. For me the greatest part of that post, is Client Education, and to an extent Account Team Education. We simply will not be able to do as much as we could do…

Salon Privé 2011 Image Gallery

An image gallery  built in AS3, that uses an XML data feed to dynamically load gallery images, as well as title and description. Images were taken at the 2011 Salon Privé at Syon Park. As a fashionable and glamorous Garden Party, it caters as much for motoring enthusiasts as it does guests who simply enjoy soaking up the atmosphere and spending time relaxing against the stunning backdrop of Syon Park. – Salon Privé

Sushi Bar Parallax

A parallax effect in Flash using a sushi bar as the theme. This parallax uses a timer at the start, to let the user know that there is movement in the movie clip, after 2 seconds, the control of the parallax is switched to the X position of the mouse. The X position also controls the speed in which the parallax is moved, increasing as the mouse gets further away from the centre. I put in a lot of thought of trying to incorporate interactive features, namely a button in the parallax. (i.e. When the user scrolls to a certain section, a…

The Spenders Report MPU

Created as an MPU for a fictional luxury lifestyle blog “The Spenders Report”. This MPU features a carousel which dynamically pulls in the thumbnail, title, description and link. It has been designed in such away that it would pull in and populate the 5 most recent items from the XML list when the ad unit is served.



I created this project as I really wanted to do something that related from my paternal heritage of Sabah. Sabah is one of the 13 states of Malaysia, which very much has its own distinct culture and style of music. I wanted to base this project on the Kulintangan, a set of brass gong instruments, used in many Kadazan-Dusun festivals and ceremonies. However, not having any access to a full Kulintangan set, I used the University of Hertfordshire’s Javanese Gamelan set. With this project, I also wanted to implement Google Analytics event tracking, and so I added a pageTrack when…



The FaderToy was a short project to create an interactive piece using AS2.0. I based the project around the Faderboard, a multi-sampling/MIDI controller made in collaboration by Vestax and Korg. Vestax provided the hardware, while the sound engine and effects unit were supplied by Korg (specifically, the chips built in the Electribe Series). The Faderboard is a visionary combination of melodic and percussive instruments with advanced mixing, sampling and effects control features that offers a completely new and original approach to creative music production and performance. Vestax The FaderToy, is a very simplified version of the Faderboard, it uses 8…


Roaming Audio Game

This was a game that allowed the user to roam freely around the four drawn areas and experience different sounds of each “zone” within those areas. Each basic zone was a circular sound field that would pan towards the user as the user moved around, as this was built using AS2.0 the number of zones was limited to 8. There were also interaction zones that would only be active if the user would walk into a set area. I used the transform function for the footsteps, so when the user walked through a puddle, the sound panned to the channel…