Joey Padasian

HTML5 Banner Templates with GSAP

I’ve noticed a lot of people are having trouble integrating GSAP and the platform specific code for each ad platform together in a polite loading manner.

Below are some HTML5 banner templates with GSAP, they’re pretty basic and in no way professionally designed.
I’ve included a loading wheel while we politely wait for the page to finish loading before we load up the additional CSS and JS to run the banner.

I made 3 flavours, DCM, DoubleClick Studio (DCRM), and Sizmek. I’d like to create a Grunt/Gulp task manager to simplify the process of translating code, so a command such as grunt build -sizmek will trans-compile Platform specific code.

I don’t actually have a DCM account so I’ve been unable to test whether it works or not, but according to the documentation DCM provides, it should be fine.


They need some re-working, but there a starting point at least:
GitHub: DCRM-HTML5-GSAP-inPage-Polite
GitHub: DCM-HTML5-GSAP-inPage-Polite
GitHub: SIZMEK-HTML5-GSAP-inPage-Polite

Decided to include this here while I’m talking about Github repos for banners; I found this one Github: BannerHammer interesting tasks and setup, but I feel that while the tasks have been very well thought up, they seem a little overkill for what will be accomplished.

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