Joey Padasian

GreenSock on HTML5 Banner Solutions

The guys at Greensock have done great things these past few months helping people with a million and one questions about transitioning over from Flash to HTML5 banner creation.

And with shift happening at a lot faster pace after Google’s announcement with Chrome pausing “less important” Flash content, they’ve put together a great post on whats different, what to expect, things to think about regarding HTML5 Banner Solutions.

For me the greatest part of that post, is Client Education, and to an extent Account Team Education. We simply will not be able to do as much as we could do with Flash at this moment in time. We may get there soon, but it will take some time before web browsers are aligned with HTML5 standards. Users will need to upgrade their browsers.

Adjust client expectations
As the industry transitions from Flash to HTML5, clients must be made aware of the design, budget, and schedule implications. HTML5 banners take more time to produce and test, therefore they will be more expensive. Plus there are certain effects that were easy in Flash but are virtually impossible in HTML5, so creative expectations need to be adjusted as well.

The right tools will need to be developed for designers to hand over storyboards in a way that developers can get stuck into building HTML5 banners. There are a few HTML5 Banner tools that might prove to be useful for those that are not wanting to go down the route of hand-crafted code. These all look pretty promising as HTML5 Banner Solutions:,, and

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