Customisable shoes Flash app

Right, so I’ve been asked to create a website which will include a Flash based app that will allow users to customise a pair of shoes and then order them to their spec!

The way I’ve gone about this is to come up with an XML schema that will hold all details of all the variations possible.

I’ve going to make a simple version of this Flash app using a vectorised sneaker.

Now the sneaker has 7 components:

  1. Sole
  2. Welt (the part that holds the sole to the upper)
  3. Upper 1
  4. Upper 2
  5. Tongue (for this example this also includes a small section at the back)
  6. Inner
  7. Laces
A colourful vectorised sneaker

Each component will have a different number of variations, and each variation will have to have its own set cost.

Now the tricky part of this project is being able to export the chosen data from the Flash app into a shopping basket, where the consumer will be able to purchase their customised shoes.

And on the back end, the production team will be able to know what to make!