Sushi Bar Parallax

A parallax effect in Flash using a sushi bar as the theme.

This parallax uses a timer at the start, to let the user know that there is movement in the movie clip, after 2 seconds, the control of the parallax is switched to the X position of the mouse.

The X position also controls the speed in which the parallax is moved, increasing as the mouse gets further away from the centre.
I put in a lot of thought of trying to incorporate interactive features, namely a button in the parallax. (i.e. When the user scrolls to a certain section, a click-able pop-up/button appears.) This proved almost impossible, as anything within the parallax could not be clicked on, (or at least, to my knowledge). This resulted in creating an Easter-Egg type pop-up, in which a button appears when the user is exactly in the centre of the movie clip (so that it doesn’t scroll to either side) which, upon clicked on, pulls in a sushi menu!