The FaderToy was a short project to create an interactive piece using AS2.0.

I based the project around the Faderboard, a multi-sampling/MIDI controller made in collaboration by Vestax and Korg.
Vestax provided the hardware, while the sound engine and effects unit were supplied by Korg (specifically, the chips built in the Electribe Series).

The Faderboard is a visionary combination of melodic and percussive instruments with advanced mixing, sampling and effects control features that offers a completely new and original approach to creative music production and performance. Vestax

The FaderToy, is a very simplified version of the Faderboard, it uses 8 vertical faders to control the volume of a particular sound. The sound is dependent on the ‘sound set’ in use, there are a total of 10 different sound sets. 9 melodic and 1 percussive, the melodic sound sets use, C, D and E keys of scale, with Major, Minor & Blues of each one of those. While the percussive, is just a basic percussive drum sound set.

The melodic sound sets are playing on a loop continuously at 0 volume, and you can bring up different faders to create chords, while the percussive sound set works slightly differently, in that it starts playing the beat the moment you release the fader control, so that you may create timed beats.