Buffalo Nutrition

Client: Buffalo Nutrition

Website: BuffaloNutrition.co.uk

Project Details: Buffalo Nutrition is one of London’s premier sports nutrition specialists, established for just over 10 years now, supplying nutritional supplements to clients from all the local gyms with expertise and a personalised service.

I joined Buffalo Nutrition as a Project Manager for the Website Development, this meant corresponding with the ecommerce-php developers, graphic designers and bringing the website to an online and ready state.

Payment Gateway

The client uses several payment methods that customers could choose to use, including: paypal, sagepay or even cash. These payment methods all needed to be tested thoroughly in a sandbox environment before they were put to a live mode.

Data Enhancement

I added lots of searchable data variables to the website,  such as nutritional information (protein, carbohydrates, fats, suitable for vegetarians, etc) as I had noticed a lot of websites lacked this information, especially in a clear and concise manner. This helped customers to understand and choose their products.

Invoice and Delivery Memo

Each order can generate the invoice and delivery memo PDF’s from a Zend PHP Framework, each PDF template had to be personalised with the companies credentials, adding “Signed by” sections for the delivery memo, so that the client can also use them when they make local deliveries.

SEO & Social Media

I had also gone about working on the SEO, working towards Google’s SEO guidelines, to maximise conversion potential, as well as analysing the analytics to start AdWords campaigns.

A strong web presence also had to be maintained, by updating listings on Google Maps, as well as keeping profiles and regular updates Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  YouTube and even an Instagram.

Going further on this, I had also incorporated Facebook’s Registration and Login API to allow customers to use their Facebook credentials to create and manage their account on the website.

User Handbook

Each stage of the website can be very confusing for first time users, as a result of this, I produced a handbook for the system so that the client could refer to it first to find the answers they need. This handbook contained information from creation of new products, to protocols on how to pack certain items.