Granulating Synthesizer

This project was created using Max/MSP an “interactive graphical programming environment for music, audio and media.”

The basics of this project is a granulating synthesizer, which breaks down an audio file in to tiny little samples called grains, hence “granulating”. Think of the difference between a sugar cube, and ordinary free-flow sugar, the cube is the audio file, each granule is a sample.

To add some element of interaction for the user, I used a whitespace board that would draw colouful grains as the user draws on the board, each movement would generate a sound, the speed of the sound would depend on the the interaction on the X axis while the pitch of the sound would depend on the Y axis. And this allowed for a basic granulating synthesizer. Each drawing can be saved and played back on a loop.

For additional functions I added a 5-point delay line, LFOs, filters and a graphical equalizer, so that the user can play around with the sound.

The Synthesizer also uses an additive synthesizer just for additional sounds, this was a basic synth that used Lucas, Fibonacci and Prime for phase relationships and partials to create sounds.